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We are a Czech-German joint venture company producing and distributing screens and providing technical consultancy to ensure optimum employment of our screens in a wide range of applications, from sorting materials in iron-works, to sorting materials in the stone industry and sandy gravel production, to very fine screens for the paper industry. We also provide technical and filtration fabrics designed especially for sorting of very fine loose materials and sorting of plastics. Our product range also includes perforated sheets and expanded metals designed for engineering and architecture, as well as conveyor belts designed for the glass, food, woodworking and metallurgical industry. Last but not least, our key products include ready-made filters designed especially for separation of solid and liquid components.

The base materials used in our production processes are various types of metal wires, various types of sheets, rubber and polyurethane. The products, in various designs and sizes, are made in the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as in other European countries in our joint venture companies.

We have subsidiaries in 14 Eastern European countries. We would also like to establish a subsidiary in Romania which would carry out marketing activities in the Romanian market, cooperate with potential users, deal with our customers´ requests, either on its own or with our technical support,  order required products from our company, ensure their transport from the Czech Republic to customers in Romania, ensure invoicing and cash flow. Based on the scope of activities, local warehouses for our products, or for simple equipment used for making necessary adjustments of the size or design as required by the final customers in the target country, have proved useful in other countries.

For this project we are seeking a partner which would establish such a company with us and manage all of its activities, including its future employees. Should you be interested, we can also arrange minority equity participation.

If required, we can send you a draft contract on exclusive distribution in Romania with further details concerning the cooperation. We are ready to negotiate the details of this project from the economic point of view.

Fluency in English is required;knowledge ofCzech or Russian is a plus.

On behalf of the company ES M.G., executive director

Ing. Vladimír Herman
+420 318 494 123
Fax: +420 318 494 120
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